The Author

Amanda McIlwain Hauser wears many hats: professional educator, wife, mother, and author. Growing up on a farm in rural Indiana, Amanda led a life brimming with imaginative quests and romps across the Midwestern countryside.
Writing at an early age, she earned many scholastic awards before graduating with a Bachelor of Science degree in elementary education. Valedictorian of the class of 1998 at St. Joseph’s College, Amanda went on to earn her Master of Education degree in curriculum and instruction at Indiana Wesleyan University.
After spending nearly 15 years in the elementary classroom, she developed a yearlong homeschool curriculum that immersed her children in various experiences throughout the entire United States.
Amanda’s passion for the Christmas season lead to the creation of Impish and a decade-long relationship with Santa’s gift-wrapping elf who cleverly implements a new gift-wrapping themed scavenger hunt for the eight Hauser children each year.  It is with this love of Christmas and her experience developing suspense-filled and elaborate holiday traditions that Amanda now brings Impish the Christmas Elf to life for families across the world. Amanda and her family anxiously await the arrival of Impish and her crafty new Christmas gift-wrapping theme each and every Christmastime!

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