Impish Book Review

Author: Amanda McIlwain Hauser

Delightful Christmas Story, Colorful Illustrations…

One of Santa’s happy elves, Impish, uses her creativity to bring light and happiness during the six months of darkness at the North Pole.  Impish is a delightful Christmas story. The picture book is twenty-six pages long and easy to read, with rhyming text on the left side of the book and colorful illustrations on the right side. It is age appropriate for preschool and school-aged children. Impish is book one in a series, with a new book planned for each Christmas season. Amanda McIlwain Hauser is a first-time author and professional educator. 

I enjoyed the book because of the delightful and positive story line and the colorful illustrations that bring the character, Impish, to life. My favorite quote in the book is “If laughter is like light and giggles are warm, I’ll make my own rays, and sunshine will form in the walls and the halls of this workshop so gray…” Readers will enjoy Impish for her playful spirit and will be inspired to create their own family Christmas traditions. 

Leanne Frownfelter

Children’s Librarian

Westfield Washington Public Library




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