So What’s This All About?!

Meet Impish! She’s the fun-loving elf who is responsible for nearly two decades of mischief, creative gift-giving, and down-right unforgettable fun at Christmastime.  I’m the momma of eight amazing children, and I have to say, by far, the single most inspiring, enjoyable, and gratifying part of that job is creating and fostering and embracing the magic of the holiday season.  The excitement and anticipation felt by children on Christmas Eve is priceless, and Impish has increased that ten-fold.  Every year her antics get more complex and sophisticated, and every year the Hauser Eight race to the tree to discover her newest ploy.  Impish isn’t just a book; she’s a mastermind, and she’s a tradition. And, I can assure you, she is timeless… ask my twenty-year-old. Christmas isn’t the same without Impish.  She seems to find us wherever we go, which makes her even more impishly incredible.  Even though her book is new, Impish has been around for quite some time.  I’ve just now regained the energy to share her with the world.  For caregivers looking for a new tradition, something that will heighten the anticipation of Christmas, slow down the mass hysteria of feverish paper ripping, encourage family interaction, and nurture the imaginations of precious believers, Impish is the ticket!

In her first book, we are introduced to Impish, Santa’s #1 Gift-Wrapping Elf.  Her clever mind finds her repetitive job lackluster and dull.  In an effort to lighten her mood and dull, North Pole days, Impish decides to shake things up a bit.  A deliberate mixture of all children, she is creative, artistic, athletic, smart, musical, and ambitious… a real go-getter!  And like children, she is limited only by her imagination.  So, it is with this impressive elf resume, that Impish develops a ploy to not label ANY Christmas gifts.  No names, no tags,… nothing.  How to discover whose gifts are whose?  Simply follow the clues she leaves in the stockings. Don’t worry, Impish starts out simply. And, she’s eager for you to invite her into your home this holiday too.  But, don’t stop there.  Invite her back year-after-year, because every Christmas Impish has a new story to share.  That means a new set of adventures to unfold Christmas morning.  Soon, you’ll collect not only Impish books, but all the memories that come along with inviting a crafty little elf into your home.  Introduce her to your family this year.  Fall in love with this spunky, impish gal.  See what she does to create mystery and magic for you and your loved ones.  Look for clues in your stockings: she notoriously leaves her hints there. And then, let the fun unfold. But don’t forget to extend the invitation year after year.  You can find out what Impish has up her tricky, elf sleeve… every year is a new story. Every year is a new set of theme-based hints or clues.  And, spoiler alert: she’ll soon share all her fun products with you too! This is just the beginning…

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